Dr. Shen Dou was Employed as an Adjunct Professor of Jilin University and a Lecture Professor of SAI

Date:2021-07-01 Click:

On 18th September, Jilin University held an appointment ceremony at the Computer Building of the central campus, appointing Dr. Shen Dou, Vice President of Baidu, as an adjunct professor of Jilin University and a lecture professor of the School of Artificial Intelligence (SAI). Wu Zhenwu, Vice President of Jilin University, and heads from SAI attended the ceremony. Wu Zhenwu awarded Shen Dou the appointment letter of adjunct professor of Jilin University and the appointment letter of lecture professor of SAI.

On behalf of Jilin University, Wu Zhenwu warmly welcomed Shen Dou, believing that Shen Dou’s joining will strengthen the education and research of AI at Jilin University, and cultivate more and more talents with high comprehensive quality and hard professional knowledge. Shen Dou said that he was very happy to be employed by Jilin University to contribute to the development of SAI by giving his competitively support in related disciplines and industries.

Dr. Shen Dou, graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is currently the Vice President at Baidu, responsible for Baidu App, Feed, News, Browser, Hao123, and so on. Before that, he is in charge of Baidu FSG R&D, Baidu Search's core relevance team and Baidu’s Ad network R& D.