Jilin University Holds the 1st Future Science Forum on “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” | “New Era @ Education”

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From 17th to 18th September, as one of the theme forums of the 1st Future Science Forum, the “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” was held in the Computer Building, which was co-hosted by the School of Artificial Intelligence (SAI), School of Mathematics and College of Computer Science and Technology at Jilin University. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xu Zongben, professor of College of Mathematics and Statistics at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and well-known scholars and senior technical managers from Tsinghua University, Huawei Research Institute of Canada, Baidu, and others in the field of AI and big data at home and abroad participated in the conference. The heads from SAI, School of Mathematics and College of Computer Science and Technology, and scholars and students in related fields took part in the meeting.

At the forum, Xu Zongben made a theme report on “Small Sample Learning under the Background of Big Data”. Lu Huchuan, a winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund and professor of Dalian University of Technology, made a report of “Theory and Practice of Salient Target Detection Based on Deep Learning”. Wu Dongrui, professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, made reports of “Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction Technology”. Scholars and senior managers from Baidu, Lanzhou University and Huawei Research Institute of Canada made academic reports on the topics of Intelligence-driven Content Consumption, Intelligent Management of Future Cities Driven by Big Data and AI, and Automatic Driving Based on Reinforcement Learning. Reports made an in-depth discussion on the theory, current situation and future development of artificial intelligence and data science, which fully reflects the diversity, innovation and future possibilities of modern artificial intelligence.

Focusing on the frontiers of international scientific research and serving state strategic needs, the forum gathered global superior scientific and technological resources, built a platform and mechanism for direct dialogue between Chinese and foreign scientists, enhanced the ability to gather international consensus and cooperation and innovation, and brewed transformative technologies and ideas leading the future. More than 1000 scholars and students attended the forum.