Academic Report of Prof. Zhang Chengqi, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Technology, Sydney

Date:2021-07-08 Click:

Title: The Development of Artificial Intelligence and the Comparison of Education System between China and Australia

Speaker: Zhang Chengqi

Time: 18: 30-20: 30, Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Venue: Lecture Hall of International Academic (West of the Library), Central Campus, Jilin University


With widely used in various fields, artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the hottest topics in recent years. There is no doubt that AI will have a great impact on human work and life. Combining my personal research work in the field of AI, this report will mainly introduce the development history of AI and the research and application status at home and abroad, and then discuss the future development of AI. At the same time, it will introduce the Education System of Australia, the advantage Research Areas and Enrollment Planning of The University of Technology, Sydney.


Zhang Chengqi Professor(Distinguished)

Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology, Sydney

Chairman, Australian Artificial Intelligence Council

President, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence(IJCAI) in 2024

Prof. Zhang  Chengqi Obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Fudan University in March 1982, his Master's Degree from Jilin University in March 1985, his Doctoral Degree from the University of Queensland in Australia in October 1991, and his advanced Doctoral Degree in Science from Deakin University in October 2002. All degrees are in Computer Science (AI).

His focus is on Data Mining and its applications. So far,  he has published a total of 324 scientific papers, and is the first mainland Chinese to publish papers in “Artificial Intelligence”, a top journal of AI. He delivered 19 keynote speeches at international conferences. He served as the chairman of the world’s three top academic conferences (ICDM-2010, KDD-2015, IJCAI-2024). Since 2004, 14 national research funds have been awarded, with a total research funding of A$ 6.6 million. He has guided more than 30 doctoral students to complete their studies, 8 of whom are now professors. He was awarded the NSW Science and Engineering (Engineering and ICT) Award in 2011 and the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence in Research (Leadership) Award from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2011.

The Centre for Quantum Computing and Intelligent Systems (QCIS) at the University of Technology, Sydney, which he founded and formed, is well known in Australia. During his eight years as Director, QCIS received more than A$ 16.9 million in research funding from ARC and industry. QCIS ranked among the top university research centers in Australia for eight consecutive years. Under the influence of QCIS on Computer Science, University of Science and Technology, Sydney entered the top 100 of QS world ranking in 2019. It ranked 29th in the subject of Computer Science of ARWU, which ranked 1st among Australian Universities.

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