Second Meeting of Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence and Technology Innovation

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On the morning of December 24, School of Artificial Intelligence (SAI) organized the 2nd Meeting of the Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Innovation. The meeting was chaired by Chang Yi.

Four items were discussed in the meeting:

a. Based on the current two systems of talent recruitment of Jilin University, the scheme of talent recruitment of SAI is determined;

b. Deliberating and voting on the employment scheme of SAI;

c. Discussing and determining the undergraduate enrollment plan of SAI in 2019. After fully considering the factors of discipline development and school-running conditions of SAI, it is proposed that the number of undergraduate enrollments should be 30;

d. Discussing and adopting the establishment of the Institute of Block Chain Research. In the meeting , the establishment of the Institute of Block Chain Research is discussed and adopted, andit is approved to employ Prof. Bai Shuo, expert in Block Chain Technology as the director of the Institute of Block Chain Research, and Ye Jieping, Vice President of DiDi asadjunct professor of SAI.

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