A Delegation of Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd., Led by Zhong Zhiyong Visited SAI

Date:2021-07-01 Click:

A delegation of Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd., visited SAI led by Zhong Zhiyong, Director of Intelligent Manufacturing and Management Center, and Hou Haixia, Senior Director of Department of Human Resources, visited School of Artificial Intelligence (SAI) on the morning of March 19. Zheng Dong, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and the Vice Dean of SAI, and faculties from the Office of Administrative and the Office of Scientific Research attended the meeting.

Zhong Zhiyong introduced the company’s general information, needs and advantages in detail, and expressed his strong interest in and urgent demand for applying AI cutting-edge technology to improving the capability of metallurgical technology in complex field. Hou Haixia introduced the general information, products and services of the Group and clearly expressed the cooperation intention of jointly cultivation of oriented talents.

On behalf of SAI, the Vice Secretary Zheng Dong welcomed Zhong Zhiyong and the delegation, and introduced the general information, plan and construction progress of SAI.

At last, the two sides had detailed and in-depth discussion on graduate education, teaching faculty cultivation and scientific research cooperation. They comprehensively considered the deep integration of AI and manufacturing industry, affirmed the prospects for future in-depth cooperation between the two parties.