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Series Seminar of SAI in 2021 -- Academic Report of Dr. Tian Yuan from Jilin University


Title: Research on Natural Language Processing Algorithms for Text Semantic Matching and Knowledge Extraction

Biography: Tian Yuan obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology from Jilin University in 2018, Master’s Degree in Computer Application Technology from Jilin University in 2012, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Technology from Jilin University in 2008. He has published many papers in the top Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence conferences-ACL, AAAI, COLING and WWW. His main research directions include Natural Language Understanding, Knowledge Mapping and Machine Learning.

Abstract: Focusing on the task of text semantic matching, it explores the classification effect of large-scale pre-training models guided by prior knowledge when data is sparse. Facing the problem of entity-relationship extraction in knowledge graphs, it realizes a general extraction framework that is not affected by relation triple overlapping. In the task of long-tail relation extraction, a hierarchical package representation framework and a top-down classification strategy are proposed to achieve a high-efficiency and accurate relationship extraction method. Progress of the work will be reported.

Time: 9: 30-10: 30am, Sunday, April 25, 2021

Venue: VooV Meeting

Meeting ID: 619498806

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