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Jilin University Holds the Peer Review Meeting on Artificial Intelligence Courses and Admissions


Jilin University held the peer review meeting on artificial intelligence (AI) courses and admissions to promote the construction of the undergraduate programs of AI and enrollment preparation at Room A850 of Dingxin Building on the afternoon of March 30. Wang Lifeng, Vice Chairman of University Council and Vice President, members of the University’s Teaching Committee, and relevant leaders from Office of Undergraduate Education, School of Artificial Intelligence (SAI), College of Computer Science and Technology, and School of Mathematics were in attendance.

Prof. Zhang Hanzhuang, Chair of the Teaching Committee of the University, presided over the peer review meeting and listened to the report of AI courses from Prof. Chang Yi, Dean of SAI. Members of the peer review group consulted and put forward suggestions for improvement on cultivation objectives, cultivation ideas, curriculum system, faculty construction and experimental teaching. Also, the heads of relevant colleges and administrative offices put forward advices and suggestions on cultivation and admissions.

Wang Lifeng said that the development of AI is based on national strategy, and the construction of high-level AI courses should lay special stress on the University’s advantages and characteristics and build on the long-term plan. SAI should innovate the cultivation mode and promote the interdisciplinary integration with Natural Science, Information Science, Medicine, Philosophy, and other related disciplines. It is necessary to make overall co-ordinate resources, like the faculty, courses, and experimental teaching. All relevant colleges should actively support and provide more excellent scholars and high-level courses for the SAI. It is necessary to form advanced professional quality culture and formulate a professional quality system, standards and norms, and build a first-class new talent cultivation platform on engineering for providing excellent graduates and high-level scholars for the talent pool. SAI should pay attention to advanced concepts of education and teaching, continue to deepen reform on the research and practice of teaching and strengthen on innovation and pioneering. Meanwhile, SAI should cultivate high-quality AI talents with caring about their family and country, judgment thinking, excellent communication and cooperation, and the innovative and creative ability.