In order to seize the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and to promote industrial transformation and local economic development, Jilin University established the School of Artificial Intelligence on May 26, 2018. The establishment of the School of Artificial Intelligence aims to implement the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, and “University Innovative Artificial Intelligence Plan”. Our mission is to promote technological innovation in the field of AI, push the frontier of AI research, and cultivate engineering & research talents for national AI strategy.

Jilin University was one of the earliest units that engaged in AI research in China. In 1977, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Xiang-Hao Wang, took the leading role of artificial intelligence research in China. It has been more than 40 years since Jilin University started systematical research in AI, that leaves this university a strong foundation in research and education. As of today, the advantages of inter-disciplines are more prominent, since Jilin University can actively expand the field of Artificial Intelligence with the solid base and rapid development of computer science, mathematics, information engineering, control science, etc.

Professor Yi Chang, Dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence, Jilin University, is a Chinese National Distinguished Professor in 2017, a British Computer Society (BCS) Fellow, an ACM Distinguished Scientist, and a well-known scholar in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He was a research director of Yahoo Research, a Technical Vice President of Huawei Research America. He has published more than 100 papers in top conferences or journals and won the Best Paper Award on ACM KDD'2016 and ACM WSDM'2016. He served as one of the conference General Chairs for ACM WSDM'2018, and he will serve as one of the conference General Chairs for ACM SIGIR'2020.

The School of Artificial Intelligence will start with a high standard by integrating available resources. We will not only collaborate with the existing AI-related academic and talent advantages of the university, but also explore new modes of AI development in the new era. At present, we are building a comprehensive system with a strong academic background, and looking for a new path of progression, thus we can make positive contributions to the country's initiative in the new round of international technology competition. The School of Artificial Intelligence will seize the historical opportunity, breakthrough AI core technologies, and finally, develop a competitive institute in the future of Artificial Intelligence.

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